Welcome to Real Life With Stashia!

I am 27 years old and have had the most horrific, trying, stressful, crazy, life. I am chronically ill with Crohns Disease and Endometriosis and I fight unbearable pain every day, yet still manage to keep that goofy smile on my face. I don’t wear my struggle even though I am REALLY struggling most of the time.
What can I say, my mother raised a strong woman and God made me a Warrior.
I’m spiritually gifted, which is a blessing and a curse. I see, feel and hear more than the average person, and it’s been a challenge trying to master my mind, and I am still learning.
I’m incredibly empathetic, and that is something I am trying to put to good use by helping others who are going through hard times.

I’ve spent about 9 years of my life now, basically in and out of hospitals, 2.5 years in Cleveland, Ohio for the Cleveland Clinic, had a TOTAL COLECTOMY April 3rd of 2015, and am still battling this crazy disease. So, since my health stuff is still actively a problem, you guys will see me post a lot of frustrated Vlogs, Doctor rants, and Procedures in my “Health” category. (Forgive me, I am just getting started with the whole legit Blogger deal, so my stuff is under construction a bit.)

Now, I am in the process of trying to find the “root” cause of all of my problems. There’s been a lot of speculation around whether or not I truly have Crohns (even though it was proven on pathology..), so now, I am trying to find someone willing to investigate to figure out what is really causing my symptoms, which is a lot harder than it should be.

Aside from all my health stuff, I actually had a life before I got sick and had a passion for Modeling. I was a baby model and just loved it and the lifestyle ever since. Even though I was really good at it, I wasn’t good enough to be a signed model, and apparently still am not, so I can’t even really say that I’m a “legit” model, despite all my years of doing it.

I live in Knoxville, Tennessee, so the market isn’t really booming here for that, but even the little agencies around here didn’t want me (LOL), but it’s totally cool, since most of them just take the little bit of money that you make of any jobs you get..and I’m broke lol.

Recently (about 2 years ago) I got into doing these crime reenactments shows on ID Discovery and Oxygen Channel, just doing extra work and stuff, so I guess that’s a little bit of something, even though I’m not getting paid shit for it.

Let’s see, that pretty much sums me up. Always struggling and fighting, and never any fun or leisure. My life to a total T.

So since I’m stuck around the house most of the time, I thought I would invest in myself and Blog and try to get Sponsorships with different companies that I think offer cool things, clothes, gadgets, etc.
We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve also written a short story about my life called ” Memoirs of an Angel: Trapped” You can find it on Amazon, or just click here Memoirs of an Angel: Trapped
And I’m in the process of writing a few more short stories.

I’m getting my Youtube Channel together (Finally hit 1k!!!) to bring you guys some more insight into my life, but have a look at what I have thus far! My YouTube Channel

I look forward to sharing my life and journey with you guys.

-Stashia Jeanette



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