Lucy this is for you

Today, I got it.

So here’s to those still getting it, and especially, you, Lucy.

At first, it’ll all seem like one really big joke, almost as if you’re being punked or something of that magnitude.

Then, you’re sort of still waiting for the “joke” to be over.

Then, you realize this is not a joke or a nightmare, this is really happening, day after day.

Then the meltdown comes, and nothing seems worth it anymore and there is absolutely nothing that can make you understand why this has happened to you.

You’ll count all the good you’ve done and scream “I don’t deserve this life” over and over.

You’ll feel as if God, The Most High, The Divine & The Universe have left you. Then you’ll start asking and begging them to please help and make it stop.

During that time, more and more obstacles and problems and pain will come, and it’s all meant to break you and abandon your faith.

You see, each task being thrown at you in your life are life lessons you must pass and understand before you can advance to the new life of your abundance cycle.

Before you can manifest the glory and good life, you must have learned your reasons for your years of breakdowns, pain, aloneness, depression, suicidal thoughts and hardships.

You must be thankful for these struggles, as they forced you to be alone and strong.

I’m thankful for my sickness because it allowed me to be thankful for the situation I’m in and the struggle I’m going through , because it’s making me ready to lead the masses.

I’m now able to say “thank you Universe for making me struggle finically so I know how to handle my wealth.

Thank y’all for my health struggle because I needed to stop and readjust my priorities and reconnect with my spiritual self. So thank you.

Thanks for the struggle, as they’ve made me the most bad ass earth angel ever.

For the longest I just felt trapped with no money.

But now, I feel sorry for Lucy, cuz he’s just at the beginning and hasn’t found his peace.

I’m wishing everyone who reads this well.

Take my advice and live a better life.


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