Be the change.

Something that’s always weighed heavily on my heart is how much America has turned its back on its own people and states.

Right now, we have veterans out in the cold with no home, and can’t find a decent paying job.

Men and women who’s entire lives will never be the same because they chose to fight for our country come back to their country only to be treated like shit.

Political leaders talk about how they’re going to save the inner cities, save our homeless, and end police brutality, but they never do. And they never will.

Since I’ve been little, I’ve tried my hardest to make an impact on my own “hoods and ghettos”. I’ve tried to play a part in youth life and I’ve led by example on how to break out of the trap and mold society wants you to live in.

How did I do this? I told my cousins and friends to stop relying on the government and others to fix things around our community, because they won’t.

When there’s a problem in some of the rough parts of my city, the cops don’t even bother to show up anymore, and we don’t call because they know it’s probably just another “hood” problem. Plus, no one wants to call the cops out of fear.

I have a cousin who got arrested for an ounce of weed and got sentenced to 5 years in prison, first ever arrest or charge. That’s how we’ve been treated in some parts.

So now, when someone’s home gets broken into, we look to our neighbors to find out who did it and we handle it ourselves.

But here’s the thing, guys, WE gotta stop killing & stealing from one another. That’s a hard lesson to learn and an even more difficult habit to change.

I mean, it’s going against years of programming that we’ve been brainwashed into believing.

In the ghettoes & in the poverty stricken areas, we are told that it’s kill or be killed. That in order to survive out here in this world we have to be cold blooded and heartless to everyone. “Show no fear and bear no mercy” is a quote I used to hear often.

How sad is that?

We’re re told that in order to make ends meet, we gotta get out there in these streets and push dope and gangbang.

You know who profits from all of that?

The same people who preach about the “war on drugs”.

It’s not a fucking war. It’s a very carefully built system that keeps everything going as planned.

Detroit has some areas that look worse than Syria.

Chicago has been nicknamed “Ch-Iraq” because of the violence and living conditions.

That’s how people are just supposed to be okay with living? They’re just supposed to accept that lifestyle?

Forget that. Forget everything that you’ve ever been told on how you think you’re supposed to act and live.

I started to see progress in my community because my people got sick of the killings.

They started to come together to protect one another and lookout for each other’s homes and families.

Now, they’ve got night watch groups, daytime watch groups and instead of pulling a trigger whenever there’s a problem between one another, they fight.

Like really fight. Fists only.

Put the guns down and talk your problems out. Before you blow up, ask yourself if it’s worth the lifelong consequences.

Guys and girls aren’t worth your lives, and your “boys” will leave you for dead after they’ve taken your shoes and money.

You have to have your own back in the end, and eventually people found that out.

People started figuring out that the only way things were going to get better and change is if they took the initiative to make things happen.

That’s what this whole post is about.

Making things happen, instead of talking about what needs to happen.

Be proactive within your own communities.

If you have potholes in your neighborhood, go buy a bag of hole filler and patch it up.

If the paint is peeling off buildings near you or your neighbors house needs a little pressure washing, then help them out with that.

Little things like helping improve your neighborhood can do wonders for the entire morale of your community.

Clean up your streets and let’s take back our blocks.

It’s up to US to create a better world and life for the future. No one else is going to do it.

Together, we’re unstoppable.


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