Who am I?

Stashia Jeanette

Cosigned by the Divine.


My name is Stashia Jeanette.

I love everyone and everything that loves me.
I have the purest soul, heart & intentions on the planet & I talk to complete strangers like we’ve been friends for years.
I always brighten people’s day and try to make everyone I come in contact with smile, laugh, or have a better day.
I’m a healer by nature and I always wanna help, save or assist in making people the best versions of themselves and happy.

Despite my health problems and obstacles, I am still actively trying to become a role model and inspiration for others who are going through a struggle.
I didn’t have anyone to look at for reassurance when life was throwing some of the hardest punches at me, back to back, so I want to make sure that I can be that light to others.
I know that’s my whole purpose here is to be able to be an example, and to show that you can do anything with Faith. I want to lead by example, and I want people to see the real me.

There is so much fake and in a world full of fake, I want to be that one source of realism.
I’m not perfect. I have scars from my 11 surgeries, and I wear them proudly because it’s a constant reminder that I overcame something I thought I couldn’t overcome.
I cuss a lot, and I say what I feel and what I think, but that’s just me.
I stand up for what I believe in, and I will be the first one to speak up when something isn’t right.

I’m unapologetically me, and that’s what I want to be able to share with the world.
I want people to embrace being themselves and live fearlessly.
But for those who don’t want to, I will always be their voice.
I’ve gone through hell and back, with no one but God, The Universe & my Angel Squad on my side. I’ve pulled knives from my back that fake friends stabbed me with, and I made a sword from them.
I looked my demons, fears, and enemies in their faces and laughed at them as they vanished.

What is woke post (1)I’ve gone through heartbreak and pain that no one should ever have to feel, and I wiped my own tears.
I had my life taken from me at 15 and was forced to watch all my peers and family go on with their lives, as I was trapped at home and in hospitals.
I literally have overcome obstacles that would have broken most people, but I’m still here, just so I can show people that it can be done.

The brand name I have made for myself is “Vii Vigilante, Vii Squad” and you’ll be seeing that a lot. It has Divine meaning to me, so that’s how it came about.

Don’t tell me that I wasn’t born to be anything less than a legend and an inspiration to this world.


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