4am ER

So.. last night & into the wee hours of this morning, my body decided it was time for another trip to the ER in unbearable stabbing pains.

And that’s what happened . Keep in mind that I’ve only had 2 infusions thus far and already have gotten some marvelous side effects . 

Anyways, I get into the ER, get checked out and the Dr starts pressing on my belly with the usual “does this hurt” questions. Well, he proceeded and all the areas where I knew were hurting ..hurt when he pressed, but then he proceeds to press around to my back and I literally have never felt so much pain in my life. It was terrible. 

They then come back and tell me I have a kidney infection . 

Do you know when the last time was that I got a UTI? like. .2006. 

All that I know is that I’ve been having all the signs and symptoms of kidney failure and hearing this didn’t make me feel any better.

I haven’t been getting blood work to check on my KIDNEY AND LIVE levels bc apparently , none of the Dr think that’s necessary . .. So say I do have a kidney issue…let’s do the math….6 months on Humira(which can cause kidney failure ) xs 2 Months of loading dose Entivyo chemo infusions . What problems can progress in that amount of time? And what could have been prevented or caught in that time with proper blood work checks? 

Then, like I said before starting the infusions.. I’m supposed to have premedi And methotrexate as an assist drug. Don’t have that either. 

That’s how my morning went.

So tomorrow morning I have to have my primary order kidney function tests and labs..

So frustrating!!


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