Infusions thus far..

Major TMI rant.. 

I’ve had 2 infusions thus far of commercial name “entyvio ” and I’ve been sick nonstop since the first one.

I literally have had the flu or whatever back to back. I got over it 3 days before my infusion on the 2nd of this month and I’m already sick again..😤😷😖

For anyone who knows me, I can handle a lot . I can handle pain, I can handle heartache, I can handle pretty much everything…except nausea and migraines. So of course , I’m gonna get sick repeatedly with that! 

I can’t even tell if the shits working in the least bit because of the “chemo drain” it gives you for 5 days and then the wiped out immune system with every cold and flu taking hold of you afterwards! It’s ridiculous . 

I feel like my body is having a meltdown to the max. I haven’t had enough energy to get out of bed except to go poop every hour and take a shower!!! 😤 

I’m on fire because I have a fever and I have to watch how much Tylenol I take because I could eff my liver up in the process of not trying to have a killer migraine and temp! 

I’m so exhausted. I literally just want to sleep until I feel better..whenever that is.

Lights hurt, My head is throbbing, I’m on fire, then I freeze, antibiotics are hurting my stomach and giving me yeast infections…I’m like a ticking time bomb right now. Such a mess lol. 
So..If I haven’t responded to you…it’s probably for your own good.

Happy Effing Holidays!!!! 😒😤😤😤😷😖

I am not a happy elf!! 


2 thoughts on “Infusions thus far..

  1. Stashia, so sorry to hear about your reaction to Entyvio. I’m also taking Entyvio and I’ve been on it for about 5 months. The initial ‘break in’ period sucks because it takes Entyvio 6+ weeks for it to really start working. Now that I’m past the ‘break in’ period I am doing so much better. When you get your infusions are you getting the pre medications as well? It’s recommended that you get a steroid injection, and take Benadryl and Tylenol orally to help prevent any side effects. It’s also suggested that you are on an ‘assisting drug’ like Azathioprine. While these drugs help they also destroy your immune system making you very susceptible to any germs, so you have to be incredibly careful. I hope that Entyvio starts working better for you and you can get into remission! If you have any questions about taking Entyvio or just want to talk about it let me know 🙂 A side note: I also have arthritis and while Entyvio is working great for my IBD it doesn’t really help my arthritis.

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    1. Wow, I’m actually going print this out and take it to my Dr tomorrow bc they’ve sat there and said no premed or anything else is needed with this and I’ve argued otherwise for weeks. I’ve also not been ordered any standing orders for blood work……could you tell me more about the assist drug??? Thank you for helping me out! 🙏🙏🙏🙏


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