Getting admitted

Oh, hey..

Guess who’s back at the ER and getting admitted ? 

That’s right! 

Look at that happy face!

I literally got worse over night, went to see my primary care,( who didn’t do anything , but yell at me and tell me  she knew what was best bc she went to med school ) called the hospital and told him that the pills weren’t absorbing and I was having more pain and nausea and sweats, and they told me told come back . 

So they took more blood and urine and now today, I’m magically cured with no bacteria in my urine and my blood work was perfect..🤔). 

Anyways, there was this really nice Dr here and he pulled to get me admitted to get IV antibiotics and to have the GI look me over…

I’ll keep you posted . .such a mess .  No one has done a kidney test, even though I have all the fitting symptoms for a kidney issue ultrasound , no imaging. just blood work and pee. Like when did those be the end all factor for internal organ diagnosis ? ?? 😤😤😤😤🤔

I’m in excruciating pain and yal aren’t going to thoroughly investigate the cause? 

I’ve got a super high blood pressure and high (even for me) heart rate…and my stomach and back are bloated. Come onnnnnnn..


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