About sex…11/11/2022 Guidance

Please 🙏🏾 protect your energy, light 💡, souls, and destinies. Don’t make my mistakes & be naive or ignorant about people or be self-destructive just because you’re in a bad place. The wrong people can set you back YEARS. No one gave me this advice, and I wasted a lot of time healing ❤️‍🩹 from shit & people I should have avoided. Everything & everyone is a life lesson. Not really “mistakes,” simply cause & effects of our free will choices. In Universal Law & Quantum Physics, we know that everything must have an equal & opposite reaction.
If you have casual sex, cut cords and spirit cleanse seven days afterward.
Use your discernment and intuition on any advice given, INCLUDING mine. Do not just believe what anyone on these raggedy ass streets says 🙄. Hollows (the soulless) & Imposters among us are at an all-time high. Stay vigilant.

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