Forgiveness: 11/8/2022 Guidance Message

Hey 👋
I’m Stashia Jeanette.
I’m not perfect. I’m not a saint.
Yes, I’ve changed & no one knows this me.
I’m evolving daily, growing and healing ❤️‍🩹.
If you’re still holding on to shit I did in the past, then please forgive me & move on.
If you cannot, then block me.
I forgive myself, and I forgive others too.
Forgiveness is strange. . .Liberating & cathartic at the same time, almost. But intertwined within this was a challenging experience of going within and facing your shadows and taking accountability & responsibility for your actions and your life up to that point.
I sat with many things and fully committed to analyzing the big “Why am I the way that I am? Why did I make those choices, and what was I going through emotionally and mentally then? What were/are my triggers & reactions & why? Why does _ make me feel _? What am I thinking or doing that could contribute to my suffering?” questions. . I’m not going to lie; shit was rough, but so incredibly rewarding and essential for everyone to do, especially if you’re embarking upon the spiritual journey CORRECTLY!
(I’m irritated that I even have to include the reason for saying that, but…Many people with the funds & power have “classes “ on all things “holistic, spiritual, healing, esoteric, metaphysical, ethereal,” etc., and they are Hollow.

Hollow(created from my personal lingo dictionary, lol)means a lack of souls and true spiritual power, knowledge & understanding. They have a substantial social media presence & are intentionally spreading misinformation. These people have Ph.Ds, high positions, and money and are just trying to capitalize on the latest “trend” of the world for their dark agendas. They have created many of these things to inform other Hollows in high positions of the “inside lingo” to use to appear innocent & manipulate and mislead the masses, their audience, or clients into thinking they’re legit, when indeed they’re Imposters.)
Because if you do NOT do THE SHADOW WORK, then by universal law, you will not be able to move forward with whatever it is you truly want to achieve & in New Earth, the reals can recognize other reals. Essentially, if you don’t and haven’t walked the authentic walk & you’re just trying to talk the spiritual talk, you will get spanked by the Universe.
Don’t be a Hollow or another Imposter Among Us…🤷🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️

That’s my guidance for the week. Use your discernment and intuition. 🧏🏾‍♀️
And please, know yourself inside and out.
I love you 💕


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