Healthcare System Justice

I have a lot going on right now, but I jotted this down in my notes, and I need to get this out to the public because I need help with this.

Thank 🙇🏾 you for your time and effort.

It’s time for Justice.

So I went to the ER last night after having a pass-out episode from my POTS and Dysautonomia acting up due to me having a Crohns flare where I lost consciousness and fell on my face.

You guys as well as I know that with these conditions, we get weary of going to the ER bc it’s a huge disappointment and a waste of time and money for the most part for us.

So I didn’t go to the ER when it happened for that reason. I decided to go yesterday because my face was getting swollen and my heart was still acting up.

When I got in, I told them I was having chest tightness and high heart rate, head trauma, loss of consciousness, and abdominal pain.

They triaged me and about 14 minutes later, this guy calls me into another triage room and tells me to have a seat in this chair next to the computer as if I were back in high school at the teachers’ desk getting scolded.

This man came in with the intention of doing nothing.

He sat down with a sour-ass attitude and evil fuming from him and you could tell my light irritated his darkness.

He apathetically asked the brief of what had happened and then cut me off to say “you need to get checked out somewhere besides the ER for a test called a halter monitor to see if you have some underlying heart problems with rhythm or disease. But you’re not having an episode right now, so no test is going to show anything, you should’ve come in 24 hours ago. “ I replied: um…so you can’t do an EKG? My heart rate was 156 and my blood pressure was 146/105. Do an EKG. I know what’s supposed to happen here!”

This man then proceeded to say, “no, there isn’t anything we can do 🤷🏽‍♀️”.

I was just in shock. I said “can you at least check to make sure I don’t have any head trauma or internal bleeding or swelling? I landed on my face and I’m only now starting to feel pressure and swelling” to which he replied “if you had come in when it happened, then we’d observe you for 24 hours, but you’re fine now. You have some bruising, but you’ll be fine.”

I said “so because I didn’t come in when it happened because of EXACTLY this reason….you’re still not going to do shit?! Not even bare minimum?!”

Nah. Let me tell you something, you guys. That was absolutely THE last time that shit will ever happen to me again.

I am SO DONE being treated like I’m not worthy of being respected and treated with care.

Healthcare is out of control. To turn me away?!? Literally to offer no diagnostics or anything….wow.

It’s time for justice.

What should I do??

#TimeForJustice #ViiSquad #healthcaresystem



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