Eclipse Advice

January is starting out acting a fool, it seems, and the closer we get to this crazy eclipse, the more foolishness I’ve noticed.

Expect the unexpected this month, and try not to involve yourselves with any petty debates or drama.

It’s a good practice to try and catch the things that would normally trigger you to get upset and diffuse it before it even has the chance to mess with you. Easier said than done, I know, but practice makes perfect!

Personally, I’ve been working on my manifestation skills this month and I’m quite ready for the next few weeks to unfold.

I’ve been writing down what I am grateful and thankful for every day and night, and it’s really helping me to stay in a positive mindset and vibration. Especially with all the weird energy going on.

Decide how you want this year to be for yourselves, and then set the energy and intentions in motion. Depending upon your mindset, karma and energy, you will either repeat lessons or progress onwards.

Finger crossed 🤞🏾 everything turns in your favor!



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