The game of 1%

I’m different now. BIG different. .

I vibe, walk, talk, eat , breathe,think, dream, feel, see..


I’m so connected to my HigherSelf & Uni, it’s unreal. Thoughts and voices in my head have grown intentionally louder bc I’ve been ignoring them.

But now, they say it’s go time.

All the struggling was just to get to this feeling..this point. I’m here now, and after looking back at everything I had to go through (and am still going through) to become the “being” I am today, it’s exhausting.

As a result of all the fighting, pleading, suffering and stress, my Crohns is a hot mess, my knee is slowly recovering, my weight is going down (due to me not wanting to eat anything), and my hair has fallen out massively.

Besides the physical effects, though, I’ve really taken in all my past mistakes and actions, as well as the way other have done me, and REALLY analyzed each and every second.

Where did it all go wrong? What made this happen? Why did this happen as a result of that? All things I’ve gone over in my mind repeatedly, so that I don’t ever have to experience the negative things again.

I’ve gone through and picked apart each and every lesson from every event that ever hurt me, scarred me or made me stronger.

Falling so hard in love with the person of your dream who ultimately ends up being a class A Narcissist who didn’t give a shit about me. He lied to me, stole from me, and looked me in my face like it was nothing.

Eventually I couldn’t keep ignoring what I already knew, but didn’t want to accept.

Then, I finally had enough of the lies and the arguments and drama.

I confronted him and it got physical, so I never saw him again.

After that, I literally broke into a million pieces. For some reason, it felt like I lost a part of me. The weak part of me that I held onto for way too long. He was literally a mirror of all my biggest fears and weakness, manifested and packaged into a a handsome, charming, man. He was the dark side of me.

I didn’t wanna ever leave him(even though I knew it was for the best) and I cried all day and night.

The Squad told me he couldn’t stay because of his way and his ego. I had to work on rebuilding my true self and who I was and wanted to be as a kid, before the world got to me.

And I couldn’t do that with him, because I had completely lost myself by that time.

But now I’ve figured everything out. I know and understand why I went through it all and who I truly am. I did that.

All on my own, I figured out the source of my problems, the worlds problems, people who were my friends problems and came up with solutions. Then, I let it go.

I’ve found my true self and my peace along with a hefty helping of Divine Guidance, & The Angel Squad.

I’m gon be aight! 2019. It’s go time. Big things are coming. Bet on that. I’m going to be victorious, and I’ve reclaimed ALL of my powers.

Now I’m doing my duties here. I’ve healed and. I’ve purged. Now, it’s time to kick government ass.

Because of course, I’m now unstoppable.

Love SJ

“Co-signed by The Divine & They told me it’s my time to shine, never afraid bc I got it made & my enemy have turned to slaves”

Everything stripped right from the fragile little bones, slaving away to barely make enough misery to survive I took away their life blood. I’ve taken away the one thing that these sickos feed off of. Power. And now I am about to become an immovable object blocking their force.

Attention 1% ….I’d like to play again at the hands of myself & anynonomus.

Tell the truth. Clock is counting down.

Tell the truth or the walls that were meant to be made will come crumbling down on both sides. Injuring many.

Disaster follows.

It’s time for the people to rise up now and take their rightful place.

Rebuild with honesty and kindness. And never use dark evil magic again.

They put me through hell, but now I see why they had to.

Night all.


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