Podcasts & Topics

So starting today, I’ll be doing a lot more of my Podcast .

My podcast is a mix of the following:

-Conspiracy Theories

-Spiritual Awakening

-Products/Things I’m Reviewing

-Life Experiences


Much like my blog posts, you’ll find it is a hodgepodge of things crammed into one station.

I wanted to give y’all a heads up about my coming Podcasts though…they’re going to be wild and uncut.

I’m going to venture into unspoken territory, and I know it’ll receive attention in more than one way, which is fine, I’m not here to care what anyone thinks of me, but I don’t want my followers to think I’ve gone off the deep end or anything.

I’ve just been keeping things a secret for quite some time, and now, it’s time for me to tell some of the worlds dark truths.

My mission & purpose here in this planet, this lifetime, is to do two essential things:

-Bring people into awakening & do spiritual work with my gifts.

-Start the revolution of Truth.

What I’m NOT here to do is play God, or be anyone’s God, because I don’t want that pressure and I’m not all that.

I’m not here to convince or force anyone to believe any of the things that I’ve said or will say in the future, either.

I’m literally just here to put the information out there and you’re free to do with it what you will. That’s all.

I’m here to make you question everything that’s going on around you and offer a few answers to some of the questions you’ve been afraid to ask out loud.

I’m going to be asking the “What If’s” of the world and I’d love for you guys to participate and have feedback on it as well.

I’m not biased and I am a very “Right is right, wrong is wrong, don’t start nothin won’t be nothin” type of person, and I apply that to everything I do. That being said, I’m going to talk about every race as a whole, every religion as a whole, and the government as a whole. I have an issue with things that humans as a species are doing, so that’s essentially why I’ll be discussing certain things.

So stay tuned!


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