The Divine Me

I’m just a the tail of it all.
I see the beautiful white light and the faint hint of calmness about the air.
I can do this.
I tell myself as I throw yet another demon to the ground and pierced its chest.
That’s my 38th slay today and I’m exhausted.
But they don’t stop coming.
From every angle and every corner of my life, they’re all constantly after me.
My arms and legs tremble as they try to stand and weild my mighty sword 🗡 once more.
Sweat falls from my face and blood stains my tank top.
The beast before me is the most powerful and scary of them all.
It’s me.
As I stand in my regal apparel, wearing my diamond crown 👸🏾 with a beautiful long gown on, I peer down the hall back at the wounded & exhausted me.
Royalty stands from her thrown , grabs her sword 🗡 and begins her strut towards me.
Hurting and out of breath, I peer into her sharp grey eyes.

Come here, Royalty said to me.
Look at you, beaten down, stepped on, used, mistreated and thrown out!
Look at the way you have allowed yourself to be! At the hands of these humans!

Royalty smacks me.

Wake up and realize who and what you really are and take back your power!
You are a beautiful royal angel, a divine child of the universe.
You are safe. We are with you. The world is yours.

Now stand up and come back to who you truly are. Awaken! Wake up! Remember who you are.


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