Do you know what’s in Pads & Tampons?

I’m partnering with one of the biggest SAFE feminine products & supplement company ever to do it.

I’m FINALLY going to get to start really saving some young girls & women’s lives with these safe products & telling my story:

I was getting terrible ulcers for the longest & finally started doing process of elimination to figure out what could be causing it.

I had a full STD work up and everything was negative.

I changed detergents & even tried different kinds of panties, but still, no relief.

I also got diagnosed with stage 3 Endometriosis at 15 & suffer from severe pain.

Everything got incredibly worse as my period started and I had to wear pads. (I’m not able to wear tampons due to my tilted uterus, as it’s super uncomfortable)

Eventually, I tried not wearing any pads or liners and they went away.

I got even more curious and decided to do some research to find out what was in the pad that was causing these terrible problems and found out that it’s essentially chemically cleaned garbage.

I tore into my pad to see for myself and sure enough, plastic, was the top layer, then dye underneath.

The tampons are the same thing and you’re putting that IN your body.

Realistically, women should not use tampons because the point of menstruation is to shed the old uterine lining. The lining cannot she’s properly with tampons in and it causes bacterial infections.

Y’all don’t understand how huge this is.

We now have safe products!



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