Overcoming heartbreak

Today, while talking with my mom, I realized something about myself.

I realized that my ex had taught me a lot of things about myself and that you can never change until you understand the problem.

My ex was and will always be my soulmate, but unfortunately, we don’t always end up being with them forever. When our relationship ended, it felt like a part of me died that I would never get back. And I won’t.

Of all the pain that I’ve been through with my health and life, that breakup was the most painful.

Throughout all the tears, heartache and wanting to die, I was reborn again, in a way.

I was forced to face myself and the reality of what happened in its entirety and I was forced to learn from it.

I learned that it was okay to fall, be vulnerable, be alone, and that everything, in all actuality, is out of our control.

I learned that I love projects and building people up to see them be the best version of them or see them succeed.

Above all, I learned that no matter how much you want something, if it’s not meant to be, it won’t be, and you can’t save anyone that doesn’t want to be saved.


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