Doctors and ER

March 2, 2018

Once again, I’ve found myself curled up in bed in pain, faced with the same conflict of toughing it out or going to the ER.

It’s a shame that I even have to battle myself on the thought of seeking medical treatment when I’m in pain and can’t eat.

That’s how it always is, though.

Because for people like me, going to the ER for a Crohns flare is usually more frustrating than just dealing with the pain.

It’s always the same old routine..

Blood work, urine specimen, IV fluids, a little IV pain medication, “everything’s normal”.

Then the doctors just look at me like I’m stupid for coming in and wasting their time or something.

Half of the time, the ER doctors know nothing about Crohns, let alone a person who no longer has a fucking colon.

I even carry photos in a special file on my phone of my actual colon after it got removed and my whole recovery because doctors have actually tried to tell me that I , in fact, did NOT have all of my colon removed.

I think it’s a greater possibility that they just don’t know proper intestinal anatomy on an X-ray.

But, they’re the ones with that PhD, so what do I know?

I’m finding myself without a GI doctor and I’m having to wait two months until I can get in with one of the subpar doctors who wrote me off back in 2013.

Until then, I’m stuck not being able to eat or drink anything without having severe pain and dealing with going back and forth to ER and Primary Care.

Can somebody please just treat me like a human being? I literally feel like I’m less than a person or “not worth” doctors time.

They’re not interested in finding out what’s wrong, they’re just interested in getting their money with as little effort as possible. As long as I’m still sick, they’re still getting paid.

And so, I’m left having to suck it up and deal with it, because that’s life, right?

Life for someone with Chronic Illnesses that is.

America the great.


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