Entyvio week 6

Hey guys,

So I’m finally almost done with the loading doses of my treatment and then I’ll just be getting it every 8 weeks. 

I’ve started taking some vitamins( echinacea, super b complex, iron, potassium) to sort of help offset the constantly being sick thing, but uh.. still get sick all the time. 

I’m like, I don’t even remember what it’s like to not have a stuffy nose or sniffles anymore. 😩🤧 Tragic. Lol. 

Anyways, I’m still crazy fatigued and have about 3 hours of energy if at that, then I feel like I’ve had zero sleep. Which can be slightly irritating, but that’s life. That gang gang life! Only the toughest of the tough can handle this life! 😂

I’ve been doing more acting stuff and have some things I’m going to set into motion soon, but that’s not all. I’ve never been one to be a follower and the idea of building someone else’s dream and empire disgusts me. Therefore, I’m investing in me. I’m learning things, and making contacts. Making moves in silent. I have so many ideas 💡 and goals that run through my mind in a day and it’s well past time to start making these things happen. It’s called The Movement. 

Isn’t it time we had a public figure who actually wants to do good in the world and for people? To make a ripple, however small it may be. No man walking this Earth scares me and therefore, no one will ever be able to control me or silence what I have to say or what I plan to do. Look for some merchandise later in the year and a lot of videos. 

The mindset of 2017 for me is: Pray, Focus, Run and Jump. Never look down or back. (Finna trademark that as a Stashia original 😂🤔) You only need to look forward and up to God. If you can focus on your goals and keep your eye on God, you’re always going to get there. 

In order to walk on the water with God, you gotta have faith He’s gonna keep you up and focus on Him. As soon as you look back or lose faith, you start to sink. 

I’m gonna leave y’all with this..

Don’t let your struggles keep you chained and nailed down. You owe it too yourself to break free and be who you are meant to be. Chronic Illness is a mess and it definitely controls your life to a degree, but just remember. 

You can do ALL THINGS through Christ who Stregnthens YOU.  If Gods for you and in your corner, you are UNSTOPPABLE. 

I love you guys. “We gon be alright”. 

GangGang #WhoIsStashiaJeanette #TheMovement 


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