Still Here

Wow, so 2016 is definitely trying to go out with a nuclear bang for me, it seems. Im really tough, I mean super tough, but December is kicking my ass.
From Crohns craziness, passing out, constant nausea, constant bathroom trips, retaining crazy amounts of fluid, weight up and down, hospital admissions and kidney problems. All in like a month and a half spand. Like, why?

Then on top of it all, i’ve been on Entyvio and I literally have no immune system anymore so i’ve been sick constantly. Im sick right now, actually.
(Side Story real quick-Tell me why the whole family knows about my health and how I get sick easily, so why does my Uncle go over to my deathly sick Grandmas house BEFORE coming over to our house for Dinner on Christmas just to get some gifts? So he and his kids waltz on in to our house unknowingly to us that they had been to the forbidden, contaminated, Grandmas house.
-_- So yeah, we all got sick. Thanks, Gram!)
So, it’s like i’ve pretty much just been getting constantly ganged up on in the ring, without the bell dinging .

Clearly, this is not how I wanted to spend my Holidays or my New Year. But hey! Here we are, so it is what it is…or has been…for the last 9 years of my life.

Anyway, tomorrow I have my appointment with the Kidney Dr that is seeing me following my awful hospital stay where I had to beg these people to check for protein in my urine and my blood levels. Literally, I should be making the big bucks with the way I have been doing so many Doctor, Nurse and Tech jobs. I mean come on. If a patient suggests anything Kidney, shouldn’t you look at the things that would signal “problem”? Maybe that’s just me. Idk.

Moving past that..
I’m hoping that I can get some answers because I left that hospital will 50 more questions than what I had before. I just would like to catch a bad problem before it turns “Catastrophic”. It’s like Doctors want to wait until you have Stage 978 Kidney Failure before initiating any sort of precautionary measures.

Then, tell me why I STILL am not getting any pre-meds, assist drugs or blood work done with the Entyvio??
Tell me why while I was in the hospital, I kept asking all the Drs “why have I had 5,000cc of fluids in those bags, and I only have had _____ output and i’ve gained 5lbs overnight?” and all anyone could say was “Idk, but it’s not kidney stones or heart failure, so you’re okay”. Uh, No TF i’m not. This is a problem…but you know how that goes.

Still today, I am retaining pretty much all fluid I put into my body. I have been trying to battle dehydration, nausea, frequent BMS from water and this stupid cold I caught!

On a higher note, i’m still trying to pursue my dreams and goals and have made a lot of good connections lately! And! I’m still giving the haters, doubters, evil wishers this face.

You can’t keep a Warrior, Queen, Angel, Goddess down. We scrappy.
I love ya’ll. ❤ SJ
#WhoIsStashiaJeanette #CrohnsWarrior #Warrior #GodsWarrior #Squad


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