I feel like.. 

I feel like I’m being held back. My wheels are spinning,but I’m not getting anywhere. I feel so trapped and saddened by the fact that I’ve sat in my bed or doctors offices for 9 years. 

I’m a Virgo ♍ and my sense of self worth is massively dependent upon my career. .which I don’t have. 😐

My modeling career.. Gone. Life coaching career.. Gone. Arbonne career.. Gone. I’ve wanted to be a super model and public speaker for women and teens to tell the world that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I wanted to open my own marketing firm and modeling agency. I tried to sell juice plus, nothing. All these things require SUPPORT from people.. Which I don’t have. 

So I’ve run out of plans and have been in my house just watching people walk dogs and going to the Dr or hospital all the time. 

I’m really so over the repetitive “Dr visit, Target and not being able to make money ” cycle. 9yrs is way too long. I can’t work and I can’t travel when I want. 

I’m just trapped. Wasting all my talent and knowledge 

I need a long European cruise. 😥😣🙏


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