Endo surgery update

So I’m still pretty swollen and sore and now have a nasty looking bruise around my belly button from the incision.. I guess? 

Yeah.. I know. 

I’ve changed my dressings and have discovered that it hurts really bad to walk.. Bend.. Or lift anything. That may or may not have been mentioned in the post op notes.. I don’t remember lol. Anyways, so that’s kind of annoying since I kind of need to walk for things. 

Besides the bruising and the super soreness, everything is pretty normal. 

On a completely unrelated subject, my Crohns is attacking heavily since I haven’t had my Humira shot in a month and I have no idea when I’m going to start the Entivyo infusions. .the stomach pain is like level “kill me now”.

I’m also super tired of going through phases of not being able to eat, not eating, wanting to eat but can’t bc of pain and rapid weight loss/gain. I’m like getting whiplash from it all lol. 😣😒 Now I’m back to phases of being attached to the bathroom. 

I feel like I say “come on, really? ” 97 times a day to myself and my bodily dysfunction. 

If anyone else is flaring… May the force be with you and your toilet paper be ever soft. 

Coloplast makes some great butt barrier… Just saying. 😉😁😂


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