Entivyo Infusions

Today is the first day that I will be receiving the Entivyo infusions and I’ve just arrived at the registration desk at Tennova North… All the way In Powell. It’s literally 2 miles from the Kentucky line. I’m definitely not going to be driving all the way out here to get these infusion loading doses in Kentucky. There’s gotta be another location that does these infusions, right?  So I’m gonna look into that while I’m getting my infusion done. 

I feel slightly conflicted about this medicine just because it’s sorta new and it’s a different chemical make up than my Remicade so… We’ll see. 

Okay! So I actually ended up not getting the infusion done yesterday because I had my endometriosis surgery on Wed and that was too soon. 

But here’s a few clips of what the place was like for the little bit of time that I was back there in the infusion center. .

Anyways, pretty basic little setup. It still is super annoying to me that the center is 2 miles away from Kentucky border and I still haven’t been given any information on if that particular place is the only place is Knoxville that offers that infusion. 

I’ve been reading reviews on Entivyo and a lot of people have been saying that it’s taken like 3 months before they saw any results and a few people said that they saw some results a few weeks after their first loading dose. I know it usually just depends upon the patient, but I don’t have months upon months to just be sitting around waiting to see if it’s gonna do something or not like I did with the Humira. 

So now I have to wait to get the OK from my surgeon to even get started with my first loading dose and I have no idea when that’s gonna be. 

Will keep you posted! 


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