Hey guys,

So lately I’ve been doing a lot of research into fashion sponsors and travel sponsors.

The fashion sponsors is self explanatory for me being into modeling and all that, and I mean hey, why should Kylie Jenner and The Kardashian clan be the only ones who profit from taking selfies on Instagram everyday? (For real though, I’m over here broke and struggling and there are females and males on Instagram making bank for being pretty..like kill me now right? Eff my life and dreams now lol).

Anyways, so far I’ve found a few sites or companies that I’m really interested in working with, but considering that I’m just starting my whole blog life thing, it’s a pretty far shot, but no harm in inquiring.

As far as the travel sponsors, I’ll admit I’m really looking into this because I am SO super salty that people my age (24) are just up and being like “Yeah, I think I’ll just take a leisurely stroll through Europe next week at someone else’s expense”. Like, where the eff are they doing that at?!

With all my health issues going on, I’d love nothing more than to take a 14 day leisurely cruise throughout the Mediterranean Sea and forget that my body hates me for a bit.

I haven’t quite figured out all the magic behind how that has been happening with other people, but it’d be nice for people to just hand over some grands and tell me to :go nuts” 😒

Has anyone else seen this crazy epidemic? Does anyone have the hookups? And if anyone wants to throw cash at me, I’d like

  • An Audi A4,White, blacked out, fully-featured.
  • $500,000
  • A 14 day Mediterranean Cruise in a Royal Suite on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.
  • A Lifetime Fashion Sponsorship and Luxury loft in New York

That’s all for now. 😂😂😘

-Stashia Jeanette


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