New Modeling World

​Is it me, or is anyone else REALLY tired of this superficial, incredibly stale and to some degree, sickening image that Modeling Agencies around the world has fed to us for years?

The “6ft 9, starved and sickly ” needs to be gone, immediately or sooner. Beauty isn’t how tall, bony and pale or dark you are, and it certainly shouldn’t be a stipulation to pursue a passion or career. 

I am a 5’7, African American, size 4-6 female who has been doing modeling since age 3 and have yet to be picked up be an agency or have an agency even look in my direction  (that wasn’t a total scam) because I’m not “The right fit; ie, not 6ft, bony and cookie cutter plain”. 

In the most non-cocky way, I know I’m beautiful. I’m smart, toned and have a face the industry doesn’t have, but I’m not good enough to get a contract with New York or LA Agencies. Nowadays, unless you know someone, have millions or sleep around, it’s virtually impossible to succeed or even get signed if you don’t fit the effed up image. 

I speak for everyone who aspires to be in this industry when I say, it’s time for a change. Bony, Unhealthy and Giant needs to be no more. 

I have no idea who this model is, but she looks so very unhealthy and this is what we have everyone who wants to be in the fashion industry thinking they have to look like to even have a chance.

That is a problem. What’s wrong with being fit, size 4, 6, 8, ect? 

Come on, let’s do better. 

-Stashia Jeanette 

Instagram: StashiaJeanette 

Twitter: StashiaStay 


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