Spiritual Awakening & My Gifts & Ideas 💡

I’ve always been in the future as one of the Spiritual OGs (Originals), but it wasn’t accepted by the world at the time of my filming this 4 years ago! That’s how far ahead I am all the time. This is proof of time as we have been taught not being real.

This is me blending multiple timelines in order to create a New Earth with Source.

Please watch this in its entirety with an open mind and give support where you can. You don’t have to believe anything that I say, but I do intend to prove to you guys that I am authentic and pure in my heart and intentions. Everything I do is for the greater good of humanity and directly from Source.

Use your own discernment and take what resonates on a soul level within you.

I love you 💕 #ViiSquad


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