I’m on a quest for the truth, and justice is my goal

I’ve got love, light, and faith deep-rooted inside my soul

You cannot break me; I am resilient,

I’m backed by the Universe and made with brilliance

Evil will not touch me, for I cannot be swayed

I am the master and the winner in all the games they played

Source is within me, and my higher self leads my way; I know who I am, and Vii is here to stay

I’m grateful for the lessons as they made me who I am

I now know my worth and reciprocity is my demand

Do not disturb my peace with ill intentions or lies, for the Universe protects me, and karmic justice is your demise

Thank you, Source for all that you’ve done for humanity and me

I call back all my power and magic, so mote it be.


True love & light,


-Stashia Jeanette..

AKA: Vii-


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