Why My Generation & Below Are Fed Up & Will Change America & The World!

I saw this post on Facebook that said this:

Hmm 🤔

I am 29 years old and I can absolutely explain why people my age and below are incredibly fed up and tired of the constant bullshit that is going on in America. (Note: It could be this way in other countries as well, but I can only speak on the U.S. since that’s where I am. I have personally always thought 💭 that America is the worlds greatest problem. 🤷🏽‍♀️. You tell me.)

First off, we literally cannot afford to live by ourselves and pay our bills 💸, rent or mortgage, utilities and groceries from one check. (Most of us) I have never wanted to have a roommate, but my health issues took over my life and landed me back at my moms house and we just made me and apartment downstairs. Nonetheless, recently, at least 25 or more people that were initially living on their own in apartments or with roommates, have moved BACK in with their families due to ridiculous price increases to their rent. I feel like a 600-900 sqft apartment should not cost $1,400+ per month. Even some of the not so nice ones are creeping up to that price! Then when we try to get approval for a mortgage, they’re telling us we don’t quay to pay a $900+ mortgage, but we can afford to pay upwards of $1,400 to an apartment. It’s a clearly set up system that ultimately traps us in spending ridiculous amounts of money that you don’t get back (unlike the equities you’d get back for owning a home) and you end up falling into debt or needing government assistance (another set up) just to pay your bills and eat.

The next biggest issue is that we’re literally watching the government lie and manipulate people elder to us. We’ve never been more woke to what’s going on around us and with our country than we are right now, and it’s a shit show. The pandemic really lit a match to the issue when there was a clear lack of concern and precautions at the beginning. The struggle to be on the same page with preventative measures like wearing a 😷 mask, ordering ventilators and testing kits was like watching a dumpster fire.

It was a fucking mess and the entire world watched us in shock and horror. Then the vaccine situation happened and just added more fuel into the confusion fire because they flipped the story and what’s true and what’s false SO MANY TIMES! We all got tired of the game and then the government started what they always do; scare tactics. America went from “hey, take this vaccine 💉 and be entered to win cash (and a host of other things.)” to bringing out celebrities on social media that would go live while “getting their vaccine”(I highly doubt it was the actual one) in order to coerce their followers into thinking that it was fine because they are doing it, to pushing fear by continuously saying that “the unvaccinated are getting the Super COVID and they are also creating a variant of the Super COVID”, but the vaccinated are fine and they’re seeing a decrease in cases— this spiked the most controversial divide between the people (which is ultimately always their go-to plan for control) because things just weren’t adding up to many of us. Nonetheless, we still had a divide and we still had constant misinformation and anyone with a differing opinion about the vaccine began to get shut down and mocked. Facebook conveniently appointed a new group of people called “fact checkers” during this massive time of confusion and this is when people really started to get pissed off. The “fact checkers” would automatically detect when you were posting or talking about the vaccine, virus, pandemic or anything else involved with Covid-19 (which is high level sketchy in itself…) and slap this gigantic ad at the bottom of your post about their “fact checkers” and misinformation. See below images:

And The People WERE NOT Having It!

That brings us to the present timeline— Do This Or Else! Is the phase we are in right now. The government has mandated most people to be vaccinated in order for us to continue having a job. That’s so foul. And even when people pointed out that people who were vaccinated already are still getting COVID and variants are still happening (which a vaccine typically prevents you from getting whatever viruses 🦠 such as the flu and pneumonia and measles, etc. But this does NOT do that…), the government refused to acknowledge that and came out with the boosters and ultimately said “if you do get COVID, you’ll be less likely to have severe consequences and complications from it”. Now, at this point in December 2021, the full cat is outta the bag— you most definitely can still get COVID, it doesn’t prevent you from getting it and the vaccinated are most definitely the ones producing the variants, just like the unvaccinated and hesitating/unwilling said initially.

Now, we have an entire nation that is pissed 😡 because you have made us get a useless injection of the mystery ingredients against our will, lied 🤥 about it, threatened our jobs and livelihood, threatened businesses to have their people vaccinated or they’d be shut down…for nothing! We have completely lost what little trust some people had for the government and it’s so boldly in your face that you can’t deny it.

This is the first time people are having to deal with a pandemic, being quarantined, wearing masks, being tested before procedures, being forced to choose their jobs or their rights, homeschooling kids, inventory and employee shortages, empty stores, working from home, not seeing loved ones and it’s taking a toll on us.

As a 29 year old, I feel like I’ve had to endure not only the struggle of my generation, but also of those above us. A lot of people have family members who absolutely can’t even fathom what is happening and feel as if this is the end times. When in reality, this is just the first time our country has been under the microscope of its people.

People my age are not having the bullshit any longer. We’ve had to get disowned by people who differed in their opinions about the situation (and even parents or family members), we’ve had to face unemployment and being unable to afford our own place, we’ve had to fight for our constitutional rights and still watch them get taken away and we have had to accept the realization that we all got played.

One thing about my people and those younger than us, is that we are fighters. We don’t hesitate to call anyone out on their bullshit and we speak up when things aren’t right. We weren’t afraid to rally to Area 51, and we weren’t afraid to protest and come together when Eric Garner was killed in the street while screaming “ I can’t breathe”. We will and are going to bring the power back to the people, even if you all (elders) couldn’t. Trust that.

We are so tired of discrimination against black people and trying to white-wash and erase history that puts the nation in a negative perspective. America has SO MUCH BAGGAGE! And my generation has been relentlessly exposing it on YouTube and social media. We are going to expose the truth and we are going to demand justice. We will be the generation that tears down the evil 1% and everyone involved.

We are fueled by spirituality, not man made religion. We are fueled by listening to our intuition and hearts, not the media. We have empathy and compassion for those being treated badly. We are connected to a Divine source of love and light, not evil and darkness.

For the first time in a long time (if ever), the world had a “mass awakening” of their spiritual selves and consciousness, thus making the people more woke to the evil and wrong done around them and to them. You might notice that we have incorporated a set of new frequently used words, such as: Toxic, narcissistic, manipulative, manipulation, gaslighting, trigger warning, vibes, energy and more. This is because we are in tune with our spirituality. We strive to have positivity and good energy around us and in us and we are more in tune with the atmosphere and our surroundings.

We are a kinder generation and just want people to love each other and be decent humans. For the first time in my life, I’m feeling more accepted and welcomed in places where I have grown up. I didn’t know if Tennessee would ever get to a point where I could go to high end businesses with my naturally curly afro and not be immediately shunned or questioned.

Naturally Curly Coily Afro ❤️

I’m finally able to just be myself and not give a shit about any confrontations with people. People who are in the lgbtq+ community are finally able to live freely as they please and are supported. We are making huge moves worldwide and it’s going to completely change how not only America has been, but the entire world is going to become a better place.

Instead of the governments “great reset” or “nwo”, we are making our own plan: A New Earth WITHOUT the corruption of the 1% and Evil. It is happening and will happen regardless of the efforts to stop it. It’s bigger than them. This is something that’s been written in the Divine Timeline. We will have peace. We will have love. And we have no room for greed and evil any longer. Just watch. ❤️🙏🏾

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Tell me what you want me to talk about or make a video on next!


4 thoughts on “Why My Generation & Below Are Fed Up & Will Change America & The World!

  1. Dear Stashia

    Hello from the UK. Thank you so much for this post. I am greatly encouraged. I am 61 years of age and I am with you along with many others of all ages across the world. You have said truly and I highlight these words of yours.

    ‘We are going to expose the truth and we are going to demand justice. We will be the generation that tears down the evil 1% and everyone involved.

    We are fueled by spirituality, not man made religion. We are fueled by listening to our intuition and hearts, not the media. We have empathy and compassion for those being treated badly. We are connected to a Divine source of love and light, not evil and darkness.’

    I use my heart, mind and soul as I uncover all the truth. I set this out on my website. If you are interested here is a link. Please note I do use humour to lighten the mood and to help make the points.


    Jesus Christ whom I follow, was not into man-made religion. He said those who would worship. strictly embrace, God must do so in spirit and in truth.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙏🏾 for your kindness and support! I will most definitely check this out and follow you as well. I hope 🤞🏾 you and your loved ones are safe and protected. Lots of love and light. ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is very good of you to say so. The angels seen and unseen will look after you.

        Be warned, you may find my site rather mad. But then love is mad. So why should I not not love the children of God madly.

        Yours Baldmichael

        Liked by 1 person

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