Coming Soon:

You guys don’t understand the amount of “I don’t care” attitude you have to acquire and have to talk about some of the most personal things for the sake of others. No one wants to talk about the ugly and bad of Crohns and their surgeries. But I embarked on the journey when I made my total colectomy video, and then the massive amount of response from people going through it or about to go through it with questions really proved to me that I made the right decision. I’ve gotten a lot of snaps and messages from people who want to know my story in it’s entirety and I’ve been reluctant to speak on it for a number of reasons. First being, I cared too much about what others might think or say. Secondly, I didn’t want to seem weak or appear like I want pity. I don’t. I also finally have gotten enough “I don’t care” in me to just do and say what I want and I don’t care about other’s opinions of me anymore. My battles and my purpose is way beyond the norm and I’m not meant to be accepted by everyone. So, starting next month I will be more transparent than ever on my health journey. Hopefully, my story and journey will help someone who feels like no one else gets them. I do. I’m here.
We’re strong 💪🏾


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