Letter To My Healthcare

Can you please tell me why you’ve cancelled my appointment???
I’ve already seen that doctor while I was there last time.
I don’t have time to be going through the ringer again and again and again.

I told you what I needed what was going on what the situation was.
You told me what I need to have faces and brought with me.

We talked on the phone and understood very clearly that I was seeing you after the GI appointment.

But to CANCEL my appointment without my permission or okay or even consulting with me??
So I was just going to show up there and be shocked?!

Why? Why do this? Why do people keep trying to block me from getting this rectified and resolved so I can have some quality of life back?!

It’s not your life!

It’s MY life. My INCREDIBLY sad, inhuman, unbelievably awful life.
Literally, you are blocking my way to a better life.

I’m tired of feeling like I’m getting chainsawed in half through my rectum every time I have a bowel movement.

When I was up there last year, I played by your rules. Jumped the hoops. Couldn’t expel that gallon and did that stupid therapy. I even got that wand they told me to buy and used it!

You told me to come back in 4 months that time and we would do colostomy.

It’s been a year and nothing has gotten better and now you’re wanting me to do this SAME routine!?

This is so incredibly sad.
I deserve justice and a shot a life, just like any other patient.


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