Vii Squad Spiritual Awakening Chat

Hey Squad! I wanted to make this pack because I know that there are people out there, just like me, with gifts, but are afraid to acknowledge or talk about them.

When I first went through my spitirual gift & awakening process, I felt like I was constantly losing my mind. My anxiety was worse than it’d ever been, I wasn’t eating, sleeping, and I felt like I was just being swallowed deeper and deeper into this very dark place. *Remember I talked about this dark place for later on!

I cried for weeks, because I had no one to talk to about things that I was experiencing and the abilities that kept emerging. Every night, I would have what I now know as “Lucid Dreams” but they were dark..very dark. I would go to these places and exorcise demons and negative beings, but the crazy part, is that I would remember every single detail.

So, I started researching more and more (I was about 12-13yrs), and found out about some possivle reasons for me having not just the lucid dreams, but prophetic dreams, and dreams that quite figureatively took me out of this body and world.

Then, things never were the same. I started embracing my born with gifts: clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircagniance, clairsentience, lightwork,and astral work.

The first part ofyour spiritual journey is unlearning all the things that this fake world has taught you to be,act, think. Then, you must do self shadow work (this is the stage where everyone feels like they’re losing their shit, lol) and battle your innermost fears, demons, buried pain, hurt and essentially become reborn. So that dark place you get put into is the universe forcing you to grow in a new NONTOXIC flowerbed.

Love you<3


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