You know what irks me?


◦ I love how people with millions of dollars can’t even bother to sponsor someone who is chronically ill and can’t work a 9-5. Are you THAT greedy to your money?
◦ I had a guy say to me “I’d pay to see you strip on cam, but I’m not just gonna hand over money to you, you ha e to do a service for he is sitting on a cool 1M. Oh, okay, you don’t mind paying 1k for me to humiliate you, but you can’t just help me with a fucking bill? Fuck y’all.
◦ I’ve been sick for 12 years and do you know how many go fund me accounts have been made for me? 0. I’m 9k in debt bc of paying for hotels for Mayo Clinic, before that 10k in hotel at CLEVELAND clinic. I get $500 a month for disability. I have a credit card bill bc of said reasons for a total. Of 14k. My minimum payment is $250. So $250-200 for food, groceries, copays, ER visits, medicine, and gas equals me being in the negative.
◦ I have applied for over 200 jobs in the last 2 years and haven’t gotten so much as a callback bc of my disabilities (Dysautonomia, POTS, Crohns, Endometriosis ). So I’ve been trapped for 12 years doing nothing but staring at the four walls of my childhood room under my mother’s roof, watching the calendar change. Year after year of me doing the same ol nothing.
◦ People could help, but they LOVE to see someone struggle. And that’s fine, bc when I rise, oh, and I will, I’m coming back with vengeance and they’ll all pay.
◦ Those who were first shall be last and those who were last shall be first.
◦ Mark my words. It’s coming.


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