Truths About Spiritual Awakening

Truths about spiritual awakening:

It’s the most difficult, scary, exhausting experience you’ll ever go through.

It’ll completely shake up and destroy your current way of life.

You’ll start noticing things about the people and places you used to be around all the time that you no longer can stand.

You’ll lose people you thought were your friends.

You’ll feel alone and crazy.

You’ll have multiple mental breakdowns.

You’ll start reevaluating your life and what’s important to you.

You’ll start putting yourself first & not wanting to do anything that you don’t want to do—that’s gonna piss people off.

You’ll start saying “no” & cutting out toxic people & habits.

You’ll want to be alone and in nature more.

You’ll start loving yourself and your own company more and more.

You’ll start understanding things you didn’t understand before.

You’ll start to question everything that you’ve been taught from birth.


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