Sincerely, Karma

I’ma just say this, then imma be done with it.
I forgive you and all, but fuck you.
(Daayyyum Stay!)

Alright ok, awkward elephant in the room
Let’s talk about it (tell em bout it)
Y’all minds at the worst you could assume
I gave it my all, I loved too hard (damn)
It came crashing down, impending doom. (kaboom)

I was left shattered, fractured, bruised
You made out like a bandit
A bandit up til now ,
How it feels to be the one who gets used,

Oof, must be something, huh?
You must be stressing now, huh?
Thinking bout that baby we shoulda had, huh?
Heard they was all tryna hit now, huh?
Thems ya mans tho, you rep them for life
That’s ya crew.

Nah, own that shit, tell the truth.
Tell me what you used to do
Tell me how you played me however you wanted to
Tell me how you could’ve been hitting it n tellin me “I love you” when u know it wasn’t true.

I know, it wasn’t me it was you.
That’s what they all be sayin when they ain’t man enough to admit the truth.
It’s cool, like I said, I forgive you,
Just make sure when I’m fxkin another guy, you forgive me too.
Remember, I love you.

Written by:
Stashia Jeanette


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