No more toxic sanitary products!

Ladies, do you want to be part of the first company that is saving lives with a product that women all over the world need?

My company is on a mission to change periods & the toxic products.

For centuries, the feminine product world has been monopolized into three main companies.

Those companies have been making our pads and tampons out of 18 cycle chemically cleaned garbage. They have dioxin, dye, chlorine, plastic and recycled garbage in and on the women who use their products.

These big companies have been poisoning us and making bank off of doing it.

Until now.

My company has created chemical free products and it’s definitely raised some eyebrows.

We only produce pads because tampons do not allow for the proper cleaning of the uterine lining and bacteria. That’s why lots of women will get bacterial infections and uti.

Our product has negative ion strips in them to counteract bacteria, raise your ph and eliminate odors.

If you’re interested and want to know how to get them or how to be apart of the movement,

Ask me how.


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