Daddy issues

In this video, I’ll discuss why being a great father and husband when you have a young daughter is so crucial.

How a daughter sees her dad interact with her mom is how she will, in the future, use when deciding what’s ok and what is not okay do deal with from a man.

If the father was abusive to the daughters mother or if the father was never around or he was into drugs, that’s going to effect how your daughter interprets her own relationships and her own self worth down the line.

Same goes for if the dad never gave the daughter any attentions, when the daughter grows up, she’s going to see the attention from being naked on the internet, just so she can feel wanted.

I’m speaking from experience. I took thirst trap pictures all the time and even did online modeling, because I wanted to feel like someone wanted me and they were giving me attention.

A lot of times when females do these things, it’s a deep hurt and from not getting love and attention from a father.

Please share this to help others.

Love you.

Below is the link to my “Daddy Issues” video.

Please share it.


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