Best Love Advice

This is an article from one of the psychics via California Psychics and it really hit the nail on the head. 

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Here are five common barriers to love and how you can overcome them to discover a stronger loving connection.
1. Your Choice to Take Things Personally 

It’s easy to push someone away when you create an idea in your head about what they are thinking or feeling or when you make up a narrative about what you think is happening with your partner. Your wife worked late all week, so that must mean that she cares more about her job than she does about you. Your guy made a comment about how important it is to exercise regularly, so he must think you’re out of shape. Taking things personally, will corrode your connection and keep you from an authentic relationship. Instead of making assumptions, ask for clarification in order to avoid the first of five barriers to love.
2. Your Technology

We’re all guilty of this one—scrolling Instagram while watching a movie together or checking work emails during dinner. You get the idea. Keeping your so-called smart device by your side 24/7 distracts you from the reality of the present moment and prevents you from cultivating a connection with everyone around you, but especially your partner since you likely spend more time together than with anyone else. Put your technological barriers to love away (your phone or laptop) for at least a few hours every day and commit to having time together in which you’re both unplugged.
3. Your Need to Be Right

Especially in times of conflict, we can push away our partners or make them feel like they’re not being heard when we focus too much on wanting to be right. There are a number of axioms that illustrate this idea but, basically, it’s more important to be happy, or kind, than to be right. Having the last word at your partner’s expense will only push him or her away and prevent you from really comprehending the issue at hand. It’s one of the most important barriers to love.
4. Your Grudges

Harboring resentment also makes true connection complicated. Your grudge is like a wedge that burrows in between you and your partner, keeping closeness at bay. If you say you’ve forgiven your partner for a past mistake, but you bring it up all the time then you haven’t really exonerated them. Your grudge will eventually work as a poison to taint your relationship. Only you have the power to work through it. Take responsibility and determine if you really can give up this resentment you’re holding.
5. Your Fear of Getting too Close

It’s hard to give your whole heart to someone and to trust that they will treat it with care. But, if you’re always keeping your partner at arm’s length, how will you ever find a connection? Work through the feelings of unworthiness and self-consciousness, and the fear of abandonment that you may be holding onto so that you can be vulnerable enough to really enjoy the beauty of love.


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