Check in

Today, I have my MRI of my knee from where I effed it up 2 weeks ago (dislocated and popped back in or “subluxation”)

So I’m here just waiting to go and figure out what I’ve got to deal with on this..on top of everything else. Story of the Chronic-illness life.

See my excited face?

I’m so exhausted because I can’t get comfortable in bed, and then if I move I get stabbed in the uterus with a freshly sharpened jungles type machete 😣😒🗡, it’s a hot mess.

My face, legs and feet are so swollen, my heart is double beating and thumping away as I’m just sitting here in the waiting room, anxiously awaiting my obgyns’ nurse call to see if she can fit me in.I literally feel like a ticking time bomb over here.

At this point, I’ve got to demand answers, a lap to see what’s going on and something to be done about my symptoms. I’m pretty sure I really shouldn’t even be out in the world in my uncertain condition, but hey, no big deal.

Also, the area where I’m having abdominal pain is acting up and I’m 98% sure it’s adhesions from the Endometriosis. Instead of saying “have you tried more fiber, stool softener, laxatives” how bout not dodging the problem. I have a TOTAL COLECTOMY, there’s no reason why I should have to strain and hurt to have a bowel movement and no reason why the small bowel follow through had the issues it had, UNLESS  something  is causing a stricture.

I’ll keep you updated on what’s said and done over the next couple hours, but who wants to place bets on what they’ll try to do?

  • IV Fluids,Pee in Cup, Shot of Pain Medicine, Go home you’re fine now.
  • “Well, all the blood work came back normal, follow up with GI or OBGYN “
  • OBGYN calls back and actually admits me and schedules the lap. (Ha!)
  • Obgyn wants to change my birth control again, wait it out 3 months, come back.

Who’s money is on what? Let me know in a comment! 😅😣


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