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Introducing ‘Real Talk With Stashia’: Your New Favorite Podcast!

Are you tired of fake conversations and superficial small talk? Do you crave natural, unorthodox, spiritual, metaphysical, “rabbit hole” topics & honest discussions with interesting people? Look no further than ‘Real Talk With Stashia’ – the podcast that’s changing the game regarding authentic dialogue, stories & experiences.

Hosted by Stashia Jeanette, a spiritual guide & advisor, intuitive healer, actress, chronic illness warrior & health advocate, owner of the “#ViiSquad” brand “The ViiSquad Empire” & “Divine Minds Productions” & social media influencer.
Each episode of ‘Real Talk With Stashia’ features an in-depth conversation about real-life experiences she’s lived through or is currently experiencing from taboo topics like spirituality, spiritual awakening, spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, generational curses, inner child healing, karmic relationships, twin flame journeys & more! Soon to be adding interviews with guests sharing similar stories in related topics, from artists, fellow chronic illness warriors, spiritual leaders, and entrepreneurs to activists and thought leaders, guests on this podcast are all making waves in their respective fields.

But what sets ‘Real Talk With Stashia’ apart from other interview-style podcasts is the level of vulnerability, transparency, and authenticity that she & her guests bring to the table. No topic is off-limits – from mental health struggles to relationship challenges to family drama to inner child healing – and all discussions have a rawness that is refreshing in today’s world of curated social media feeds.

And it’s not just the guests who get real on this podcast. Host Stashia shares her own experiences, providing a safe space for listeners to explore their truths alongside these inspiring conversations.

So if you’re ready to dive deep into meaningful conversations that touch on all aspects of life, join us on ‘Real Talk With Stashia.’ You won’t regret it.

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