What if…💭

I was thinking earlier, “what if we all built each other up & supported one another?” And “what if we all looked for how we were alike instead of how we are different?” How would the world be under those circumstances? How would things change? How would we as a society grow for the better under these conditions?

2023 is no better time to pose these questions to the world and implement these ideas into our lives. Every day we have the chance to make a difference in how we perceive, respond and react within the context of our world. We can make minor adjustments and improvements daily that will then have a rippling impact on the collective consciousness and the world at large.

Think about it… when you turn on the news, and you see nothing but negative information and negative people saying negative things, it then makes you feel negatively towards the world and the topics discussed, right? The same can happen with people sending positive messages and information to the world. We can send positive energy, love, healing, and unifying messages to everyone in the same way.

We must understand the law of attraction and energy because it is a fundamental concept of what New Earth is built upon and around. Understanding ourselves and who we are down to the most fundamental parts is also essential for understanding others. Until we know ourselves, we will always be unable to understand others. We are all connected at an energetic level; whether you believe it or not, this is a scientific truth.

We tend to get caught up in the game of life and the most remedial things that we often don’t even stop to question ourselves and what we are even doing here. We don’t ask big questions about our lives or our world. We have just been following this preset pathway for lifetimes without ever knowing what the purpose is. Until now.

We have reached a pivotal stage on our planet where we are forced to see the things we have consciously chosen to ignore, hide or not confront. We are now facing a New Earth that is emerging and, with it, is a new way of living, thinking, and being entirely. The way that the world has been operating up until now cannot and will not sustain itself any longer, and the negative entities that were in control are being cleared out currently.

The new paradigm being developed is based on pure love and light energy, higher frequencies, and higher vibrations. This means that things not of this will be shed from us and our world. If you have noticed that you are no longer able to get along with others you used to get along with, uninterested in jobs or relationships that you used to be in, then this means you are simply outgrowing things that are no longer in alignment with your highest self, purpose, and destiny. It’s just a part of the process. Know that anything that leaves your life will be replaced with what is destined for you.

If you feel grief at this time, please understand that this is also normal because you are essentially grieving your old self and old life. Honor any feelings that may arise during this process and then release them. Do not allow yourself to wallow. You will rise.

I want you all to know that what is happening is for the best and the greatest good of humanity and this planet. New Earth is emerging, and it will be full of love, peace, and abundance.

Stay strong and vibe high.✨💓

I love you 💕😊




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