Gemini ♊️ Full Moon 🌕

This full moon 🌕 is kicking my ass. How are you guys holding up? I’m in a weird mix of frustration and liberation. It’s interesting.


I saw 👀 this post on Facebook and I responded with the following:

Rough. It’s lonely. It’s painful. It’s a lot. I’m exhausted 😩 and want to sleep for days and not talk to anyone.

Yet, I continue pressing onward with shaking knees,trembling voice, a heavy heart, and leaving a trail of blood 🩸 from the fresh wounds where I’ve taken the swords 🗡️ of my enemies out to make a blade strong enough to cut off any and everything that was hurting me and holding me back. .

I’m here. Authentic and vulnerable. But I’m here.



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