Be The Light πŸ’‘ & Shine ✨ Bright Merchandise Collection!

Hey guys!

I wanted to let everyone know once more about my new collection launch! It’s perfect for those who are in tune with spirituality, positive vibes, protecting their energy and anyone wanting to branch from the big brand names. My apparel is high quality and cotton-poly blended. I highly recommend my Hoodies that come in two variants:

Version 1 of the Front (CLICK HERE TO BUY)
All the info about the hoodies & the shipping/ returns! 😊🎁
Version 2 of the front. (Premium) 80% Cotton 20% Poly (CLICK HERE TO BUY)

I have a lot of other goods available as well! Please check out my site and share if you’re feeling extra generous.

You can access my site HERE

I have also recently just had all my Divinity Facial Cleanser inventory shipped to me, because the website was taking dumb long to ship out my orders to people, so I’m doing that now.

I’m working on getting an online ordering process/site set up, so people can easily just place their order for the cleanser and I’ll have my order tickets 🎟 streamlined.

Until then, if you’re interested in getting a sample, feel free to leave a comment here, or message me on Instagram or Facebook at the name β€œ Stashia Jeanette β€œ.

Thank you πŸ™πŸΎ for all your support. β€οΈπŸ’‘βœ¨


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