Cyber Bullying, Emotional Abuse.. My Recent Encounter With Being Attacked & No One Stood Up For Me, While The Adults Were Constantly Telling Me Everything Was MY Fault 🤦🏾‍♀️

Here’s Part One. Share This With Anyone You Know

It started from me making the about post:

This is what I posted about about & all hell broke loose from here.

Here’s what I wrote for the post but be warned, it’s long lol.

Today my morning has started with more harassment on a different thread that a nice lady had shared before they took the original 250 comments one down, and THEY CAME TO THAT THREAD TO START SOME SHIT.

I have a line, and they crossed it at 4pm yesterday.

At this point I’m putting it ALL on blast bc Nextdoor needs to be shut down for allowing “The Mob” as I call them, to be more “politically correct”, to run chaotically across their site! And their reasoning is “they aren’t responsible for any person-to-person disputes”. Which essentially gave “The Mob People” a free pass to say and do whatever they want to whomever they want with no consequences. I have three written messages from people who say “The Mob” does this stuff all the time. So I’ve got proof that they’ve been harassing anyone and anything that they don’t agree with. Literally. I really had it bad yesterday. And nobody stood up for me bc they were either too afraid of “The Mob” or because they just didn’t publicly want to be involved. They then messaged me to make sure I was going to be okay, gave me the suicide number, and talked with me until I fell asleep. But the fact that NO ONE stood up for me? And people were laughing reacting to hurtful comments and things, just fueling them up was like it was a show for the audience and they were applauding the abusers. It was sickening. It mentally affected me in the worst way possible, and I am exposing it all.

I will go live later to explain some of the details, but this is ongoing, so I have to keep things that I’ve got going on under wraps.

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Below are some pictures but I can’t fully disclose

Since I have been puting NextDoor on blast,they’ve deactivated my account, which is whatever, but in their terms and conditions it states “they don’t wanna go to court if you have a dispute with NextDoor, they wanna do arbitration instead….Hell Nah! They wholeheartedly need to take accountability of the breeding ground of rascists, supremeist groups, and every kind of abuse that goes on on that site. I’m going to share another lady who had a similar experience and gave them a 1 star rating as well:

To end this off, I just wanted to tell you to check out my merchandise and consider supporting because your girl is broken in more than one way…😔 But anywho, heres some merch, please add me on all my platforms. (stashiajeanette is my user on everything basically), and please let me know if I should continue exposing places and things like this? Leave a comment. I Love You All.

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